About me

Hi, I’m JL Peridot, but you can call me JL. I write mostly futuristic love stories, and also dabble in contemporary, erotica and speculative fiction.

21 random facts… Let’s go!

  1. Writer from Perth, Western Australia.
  2. Author of Chasing Sisyphus (2017), The Induction of Satine (2017), About Henry (2018), It Starts With A Kiss (2019), and others.
  3. Part-time ghostwriter, copywriter, content strategist, designer, illustrator.
  4. Synthwave addict.
  5. Stationery junkie.
  6. Bullet journaller.
  7. Drinker of matcha, long blacks and maritime whiskeys.
  8. Prefers the Oxford comma, but the rule’s not hard, fast or absolute.
  9. Player of videogames and Dungeons & Dragons.
  10. Gets active with calisthenics and weightlifting.
  11. Asian-Australian (first-generation).
  12. Fav. travel: Southwest WA, rural NSW, Japan, UK
  13. Fav. genre: Sci-fi/spec-fic
  14. Fav. hobby: Obsessing over random things
  15. Fav. game: Divinity Original Sin 2
  16. Fav. TV shows: The Orville, Star Trek TOS
  17. Keeb enthusiast (TADA68, Ducky MIYA, Royal Kludge RK61)
  18. Turtle writer 🐢
  19. Cat fancier 🐱
  20. Bird friend 🐦
  21. Shower rockstar

@jlperidot on Instagram