The Boy and His Book — a microfic

Originally published in Dot Club #13 (June 2019).

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15 tips from my writer self-care toolbox

I'm lucky enough to have my health and a lot of choices for sustaining myself in my sedentary, solitary writing career. But even knowing how much it helps to get off my arse and do other stuff, I still end up burrowing into deep rabbit…

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memory — a cinquain

memory;ebbs, flows.your touch: fleeting,like a stolen kissremembered. This style of poem is called a cinquain. Here’s how to write one. Photo by George Coletrain on Unsplash

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thru the night </3 — Menend

I cannot get enough of this song. thru the night </3 by Menend is a steamy freakin' 18-minute track that somehow keeps the bittersweet heat up all the way through. Have a listen, tell me if you love it too 🔥💗🔥…

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Status update — July 2020

These are interesting times we find ourselves in. Though saddened by the losses from turbulent events over the last few months, I'm simultaneously thankful for the shake-up. I'll refrain from addressing specifics here, because there's so…

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Fresh Find: Dare to Hope by Madison Michael

When I saw the blurb for Madison Michael's new book, I just had to host a tour stop. I love a good romance between grownups who've done the rounds. The stakes feel higher because they're older, they've been hurt before, and well...even if…

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She is helpless against it, and I watch.

Birdwatchers started as an early practice piece for first-person perspective and deep POV. I was obsessed with the effect of the "unreliable narrator" on the reading journey, and this is what came of a couple evenings' study. I also wanted…

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Can we please overhaul the “alpha bitch” trope?

Take your typical setting involving teenagers—say, a High School—wait an establishing scene or two or three, and there she is. See that attractive blonde cheerleader looking down her nose (often literally) and sneering at the frumpy girl…

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Where the Sun Always Shines — an anthology of feel good stories

Where the Sun Always Shines, an anthology of feel good stories, is out now! Where the Sun Always Shines is a free anthology of feel good stories created through the donated time and effort of the authors, editors, and designers to make you…

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One Nice Thing

My latest project is One Nice Thing, a short & sweet email newsletter, sharing… you guessed it: one nice thing.

It could be a quote, a picture, a poem, a news clipping, fantastic art, or just something lovely someone wanted you to know.

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It Starts With A Kiss

JL’s latest book is a steamy sci-fi office romance. Available now in e-book and paperback at these savvy book outlets.

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