Reviewing books is a bastard of a thing

Navigating the at-times murky waters of reviewing books has forced me to look more critically at the value of reviews. And many thanks to Nomad Authors for letting me share some musings on it.

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What I’m not reading — Mar 2021

I've been good this year. Somehow, I'm managing to read and get my work done, which has not happened so harmoniously in many years. However, while I'm chewing through a hard sci-fi and a sweet romance, my TBR is still giving me puppy-dog…

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Spring Buds in the Gestalt Media 2020 Anthology

My micro story, Spring Buds, made it into the Gestalt Media Best of 2020 Short Story Collection. It's an honour to be included alongside such a great lineup of writers. If you like indie fiction of any genre, you can grab yourself a…

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Moon — the last edits are in!

Earlier this week, I turned in the final edit of O, swear not by the moon (let's call it "Moon" for short bc I'm soooooo tired of typing out the full title). It feels BLOODY GREAT to be on the other side of that WIP. Don't get me wrong, I…

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Fresh Find: Neon Hearts by Stefanie Simpson

Today, I'm so very excited to feature Stefanie Simpson and her upcoming release, NEON HEARTS. She is without a doubt one of my top romance authors of all time. Everything she writes makes me reflect on life, people, society. Her books are…

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Fresh Find: Sips & Strokes by Sarah Skye

I am over the moon about the cover reveal for this book. Sips & Strokes is the whisky-flavoured, fake-relationship delight by Sarah Skye, the debut book collaboration between two of my favourite romance authors, Sarah Smith and Skye…

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Star Crossed — coming soon

Psst! I have a new story coming out in a couple months. O, swear not by the moon is a romantic science-fiction short story, appearing in the Star Crossed anthology published by Fedowar Press. You may have seen excerpts already if you…

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Does failure start with a big F?

In case you missed it, Facebook banned the sharing of news in Australia last week. The new ruling was rolled out very clumsily, with the public suddenly unable to access swathes of essential information services. Look, I won't re-hash the…

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Hobbies that feed my fiction

Throughout my life, I've been prone to minor obsessions (and many not so minor), some of which have been finding their way into my writing. I think the best part about being a bit of a hobby junkie is how much one can learn without it…

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