Love, Nostalgia & Lights in the Sky

Love, Nostalgia & Lights in the Sky is a collection of tiny stories, featuring some of my micro fiction, #vss (very short stories), flash and short poetry previously published here, in my newsletter and on my social profiles. Get it with your Dot Club subscription.

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Status Update — Jan 2021

It was SO warm last week. With temps in the high 30s—even cracking 40 a couple of times—my homebody self has been uncharacteristically eager to go out just to enjoy 15 minutes of air-conditioning in the car. We had a little reprieve over…

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Should I be embarrassed? We’re not teenagers anymore.

You and I was my first erotica release in 2017. It began as an experiment in steamy "sudden fiction", then later became a five-piece series of flash fiction chapters. I was reading a lot of Literotica back then and wanted to see how things…

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Dot Club #25

Happy new year, my lovelies! Dot Club #25 comes out later today. It’s the first in a trial of monthly emails. (Big thank you to everyone who filled in the feedback questionnaire!) Here’s what you can expect to see: Reflections on the year…

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Happy holidays, kitten ❤️

Photo by Veronika Bochkareva on Unsplash

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Fresh Find: The Last Dragon by Daryl Devore

Today's fresh find is The Last Dragon, a medieval fantasy romance by Daryl Devore, author of hot romances as well as sweet ones. You won't find steam in this book, but it certainly seems full of heart. Check out the generous "look inside"…

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My 2020 in lists

Work I released this year About Her (short story) Playing Trades (short story) Microfiction via Dot Club New things I learned about Basic shoulder anatomy Sustainable activism World War II history A little about the American electoral…

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Fresh Find: Fireflies at 3am by Danni Thomas

Today's book was an insta-add to my to-read list. It's a dark and somewhat heartbreaking look at human nature, and yet something about it makes me hopeful — that maybe this kind of honesty about who we are could help save us from…

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It Starts With A Kiss — disappearing soon

With Kyanite Publishing officially closing its doors at the end of 2020, It Starts With A Kiss will be pulled from bookstore shelves and online catalogues. If you've been thinking about getting a copy, now's the best time to grab one, as…

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One Nice Thing

My latest project is One Nice Thing, a short & sweet email newsletter, sharing… you guessed it: one nice thing.

It could be a quote, a picture, a poem, a news clipping, fantastic art, or just something lovely someone wanted you to know.

Interested? Here’s how to subscribe.

Love, Nostalgia & Lights in the Sky

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