Fresh Find: Building on Broken Dreams by Lyndell Williams

It’s with great excitement that I’m getting to participate in the book blitz for Lyndell Williams’s latest release, Building on Broken Dreams. Here’s everything you need to know about this erotic suspense romance.

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About Henry on The Good Bits Podcast

One of the good bits from About Henry is now available on The Good Bits Podcast! Listen now on Spotify (also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts) The Good Bits Podcast is a sexy audio collection of good bits from erotic…

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Fresh Find: Simmer Down by Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is at it again! This Filipina American author is on fire with her latest enemies to lovers contemporary romance, Simmer Down. I had the honour of taking this book for a test read earlier this year, and was positively knocked…

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On procrastinating better

Today's world has plenty of distractions that can easily be shut out on a good day. But when your energy is low, even a single notification on a quiet afternoon can kick off a solid 20 minutes of farting around! I've been procrastinating…

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Top 10 romantic comedies for a lovely night in

Romantic comedies have become a minor obsession of late, and the last couple of years have given me plenty of top notch favourites I’d recommend to anyone (and everyone) who’ll listen. I’ve left out synopsis links, as I’m sure everyone has…

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Dot Club #23

Dot Club #23 is going out next week with the following goods: A taste of my upcoming weird fiction story, 5-Star Cottage An update from Project H A mindset shift for writing through a tough time A little good deed from Sydney, AU #TIL…

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The villain of our own stories

"Good vs evil" storylines are great and all, but what I'm loving the crap out of lately are not the evil you thought you were getting conflicts. Ones where the villain isn't necessarily the antagonist, where we're our own worst enemy,…

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Fresh Find: Arresting Jeremiah by Amber Daulton

Today's fresh find is Amber Daulton's newest book, Arresting Jeremiah, a 98k super hot romantic suspense published by Wild Rose Press. Here's everything you need to know about the second instalment of the Arresting Onyx series, where to…

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SovietWave — retrofuture EDM, Soviet style

Stumbled upon this sweet outrun-esque synthwave playlist recently and have been losing myself in this music. From the description: Space, panel buildings and robots, a genre that managed to combine Soviet aesthetics, retro-futurism and…

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One Nice Thing

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It Starts With A Kiss

JL’s latest book is a steamy sci-fi office romance. Available now in e-book and paperback at these savvy book outlets.

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