Dot Club #24

What’s in the next issue of Dot Club?

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stolen time — a cinquain

warmth— padded, soft —dancing across skin. you sigh, i smile, content.   This style of poem is called a cinquain. Here’s how to write one. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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Fresh Find: The Pornographer’s Apprentice by Lisabet Sarai

I'm honoured to be taking part in Lisabet Sarai's book blast for her latest release, The Pornographer's Apprentice, a steampunk erotica novel featuring BDSM, menage, Victorian delights, and a feminist heroine. Here's Lisabet to tell us a…

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She knew the start of a dick-swinging when she saw one — excerpt from Chasing Sisyphus

It's been a while since the last excerpt share. This one's from my first novella, Chasing Sisyphus, published by Siren-BookStrand and released in 2017. She found Declan crouched over a puddle on the floor. She grabbed a handful of paper…

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Project 365

Back in September, when I was super stressed and anxious about a lot of things, I remembered an old social media photo challenge. It's called "Project 365", where you post a photo a day for a year. People still do it today, though it…

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I’m playing Anti-Belle Thanksgiving this month!

I can't even. How is it November already? Feels like this year blitzed and dragged at the same time. Hurdles have abounded over the past 11 months (and more); some visible, some invisible. The pandemic turned up the pressure and thrust a…

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Fresh Find: Beneath the Sleepless Stars by Charisse Nicolle

When I first held Charisse Nicolle's debut paperback in my hands all those years ago, I didn't think I could be prouder of my friend and colleague. Now, many house moves later, that book has vanished, but the pride and friendship lives on.…

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My top 10 retrofuturistic love songs

To get in the mood for writing my retro-futuristic romance fiction, I listen to a lot of synthwave. It’s kind of hard to explain if you’re not familiar with the genre, but you’ll know it once you hear it. Think 80s synth music, but fuller,…

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Fresh Find: Building on Broken Dreams by Lyndell Williams

Lyndell Williams once published a blog post titled, Muslims do that?! It about summed up my astonishment and delight when I first stumbled upon her work. Her stories depict Muslim couples navigating love and sensuality within their unique…

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One Nice Thing

My latest project is One Nice Thing, a short & sweet email newsletter, sharing… you guessed it: one nice thing.

It could be a quote, a picture, a poem, a news clipping, fantastic art, or just something lovely someone wanted you to know.

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It Starts With A Kiss

JL’s latest book is a steamy sci-fi office romance. Available now in e-book and paperback at these savvy book outlets.

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